Muri Ghonto recipe

Muri Ghonto is a type of curry that is prepared using green gram and fish. This is a delicious
item that you can consume with rice.
So, let’s check how to prepare the item.

Preparation time
– At least 30 minutes
Cooking time
– More than 25 minutes


– Green gram (mug daal) – one cup
– Fried fishes – 3 to 4 pieces (head, tail and other parts)
– Hot spice
– Edible oil
– Water
– Powder spices
– Hot spices
– Onion
– Salt
– Ginger paste
– Garlic paste
– Turmeric powder
– Chili powder
– Cumin powder
– Green chilies (four pieces)

The process

At first, you have to fry the fishes properly. Then, you have to fry the green grams. This frying
will remove the raw flavor from the green grams. You may need to fry for around five to six
minutes to fry them.

The cooking

When you are done with the frying, you need to prepare for the cooking.
Pour oil on a pan. Add the hot spices on the oil and fry for the next five minutes. Add the onion
slices. Make sure the onions turn brown.

Now, add a tea spoon salt. Add the ginger and garlic pastes. Add half cup of water. Keep
cooking for the next few minutes. Adding water will help to prevent burn in the pan. Cook the
spices for a few minutes. It will help to raise the taste of the curry.

Next, add the fishes on the spices. Cook for next five minutes. After the five minutes, add the
green grams on the mixture. Stir the mixture and cook for five minutes more. You can stir the
mixture to prevent sticking on the pan. And it will also have a burnt smell.
After the five minutes, add four cups of hot water on the mixture. Cover the pan and cook for
the next 20 minutes. It will help to boil the green grams.

After the 20 minutes, uncover the pan. Add a couple of green chilies to add flavor. You are
You can stop the stove and cover the curry for the next 10 minutes. Then serve it with your
favorite polau or rice.

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