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Coconut Balls in 10 min

As the name suggest, coconut sweet balls really taste sweet. And the preparation time is also less. You can use the sweet balls for evening snacks every day. It’s also a perfect homemade edible gift. 

So, today we will check the coconut sweet ball recipe. Let’s start. 

Total time 

Not more than ten minutes 


9 Coconut Balls


  • Butter/Ghee- 1 tbsp
  • Powdered coconut– 1 cup
  • Milk- 1/2 cup
  • Sugar- 1/3 cup or as you need
  • Cardamom- 2/3 piece
  • Cornflour- 1 tbsp with 1/4 cup milk
  • Desicated coconut – 1/4 cup for coating


The process

Step 1

Mix 1 tbsp cornflour with 1/4 cup milk and set aside

Step 2

Place a pan on a stove. Add 1 tbsp ghee or butter. Stir until it’s melt.

Now, add the desiccated coconut and fry on medium heat for a one minute. When both the elements are mixed completely, add the milk. Cook on medium heat until it’s dry.

After that, add the sugar and stir for a one minute more. Don’t forget to add the cardamom for nice flavor. 

In this stage, you are to stir all the ingredients. Stir as long as the mixture a bit dry. Now add the cornflour mixture. You may need to stir the mixture for around five minutes. The stir will also help to prevent the mixture get attached with the pan. After five minutes of stirring, the mixture will become sticky. Switch off the stove. 

Step 3

Let the mixture a little bit cool. Once the mixture slightly cool, prepare the sweet balls. 

Take a part of the mixture and roll it using your fist to make it look like a ball. Prepare all the sweet balls. 

Roll each ball in the remaining coconut and chill in the fridge before serving. For best results store them in your fridge for at least 15 minutes before serving.

You can store them in an air-tight container or a Ziploc bag in the fridge. That way they are always firm before serving. They will last for several days this way.


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